tr.v. ren·dered, ren·der·ing, ren·ders

  1. To submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment
  2. To give or make available; provide
  3. To give what is due or owed
  4. To give in return or retribution
  5. To surrender or relinquish; yield
  6. To represent in a drawing or painting,

    especially in perspective
  7. To convert into visual form
  8. To express in another language or form; translate.
  9. To cause to become; make
  10. To reduce, convert, or melt down

And so, I offer up my soul, rendered, as it were, through my art, my photography, and my reblogging of things that catch my eye and interest. You can also expect to see a lot fewer references to my sweet Rae. After a year, things are to different, and we have ended things between us. Enjoy your stay, and see what’s inside.